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Applying makeup is not necessarily bad for your skin.Choosing a mineral makeup can even help to fight with your imperfections such as rosacea, sensitivity, acne ... But be careful, you need to choose a product that is 100 % mineral.This kind of makeup is beneficial because it is a natural sunscreen as it contains zinc. Zinc is particularly sanitizer that helps to eliminate bacteria and that is also anti-inflammatory, it helps to soothe redness and spot's swelling.When you apply your foundation with your brush, it helps the growth of bacteria because it is propagates throughout the rest of your face. So how choosing a real mineral makeup? Mineral makeup will always be in powder form, if it is in a another form: it is not mineral makeup. It also must be made with mineral powder only. Avoid mineral makeup that includes bismuth oxychloride because many sensitive skin do not like it.



Stretch marks are the result of an imbalance between the production and the destruction of elastic fibers and collagen which constitute the skin. If your skin have less elastic fibers or collagen, it will crack. Generally this is what happens when you grow up too fast or when you get pregnant or when you gain weight.How to prevent stretch marks while pregnantcy? Apply daily weet almond oil and massage the belly with a circular motion. If stretch marks are already here do the same! The skin really needs to be hydrated to be able to recreate.
Plan B: You can also spend handsome sums in "miracle" creams but I can not promise you that they work. Also, do not forget that creams that contain mineral oils (like the famous "bio oil") are less likely to be effective because these oils prevent the care from entering.



As you may know, the chemical dye messes up your hair. I will start by explaining you why.The chemical dye are involded in the capillary structure, chemicals open the hair scales in order to make penetrate the the pigments. (picture here) A lot of applications turns the hair scales difficult to close and therefore the hair becomes increasingly sensitive to external aggressions. The hair is worn ,dry, lose their luster, forked and break.
However, this is how the natural dye work. Hence the brilliance of the hair. These dye make the hair thicker, stronger and more beautiful.
How to lighten the hair naturally? A friend of mine have already tested a mask with honey and lemon and she loved it. It seems that chamomile and cinnamon also help.
To darken the hair we recommend the walnut powder and black tea.
You've probably heard of henna? You know, the product that is supposed to turn your hair orange? Henna is a plant very effective if you want to turn your hair lighter / blacker / red. You can use the Ayurvedic powders such as Bhringaraj to darken your hair. However, I do not recommend buying these powders on Aromazone because from experience I can tell you they are not terrible ... If you want to make a henna after a chemical dye it is advisable to wait between 2/3 months in order not to have "green" hair. (You can always test it on a forelock before all applications!). I also recommend Khadi hair dye, because I've heard / read a lot of good of it. This brand offers a wide choice of colors.
Be careful when you buy your henna that it does not contain metal salts, nicknamed "sodium picramate" a product used in the "fake henna" that may give you huge itching. Be sure to find a henna of quality. I obviously did not test all the henna but the black henna that I prefer comes from Lush.In order to learn more, here's a link to the henna bible.



"Have you any advices to prevent my nails from spliting all the time?" The nails, at their best condition, are compounds of 18% of water and 5% of oil. (The others 77% are keratin) A nail with too much water will be spongy. A nail that does not contain enough water will be fragile and succeptible to breakage. Nail are composed approximately of 100 layers of dead keratin, in terms of the toenails the number turns around 150. Keratin is very important to ensure the flexibility of the nail. When you shower, and the nails are exposed to water for too long they become spongy.
But what produces the lack of hydration? When you wash your hands with soap (full of sulfate), it removes the oil from your nails, resulting in the evaporation of water. Water and oil are supposed to ensure flexibility of your nails, which is why once the liquid are evaporated nails are dry and brittle. In addition, dissolvants that you use are also involved in the drying of your nails. Some claim that the acetone-free nail polish would be safer and less drying but this idea is wrong. Acetone is even better since it runs faster. Be careful not to use your remover more than once a week.
But why nails split? Simply because when the nail is exposed to water for too long the 100 keratin layers separate when drying. How to fix it? Always thinks of getting rid of your soaps that contains sulfates and if it is still not enough; Oil it! But be careful; as I told you previously, the oils are not all the same! Avoca oil, canola oil, mineral oil or olive oil (for example) will have no effect.Molecules of these oils are too large to penetrate the nail. The solution? Jojoba oil! Molecules of jojoba oil have the same size as those of the sebum. The nail will absorb the oil so that the nail is more flexible, but as the oil is absorbed much more slowly than the water it evaporates more easily than water. Jojoba oil will show its effects in the long term, so you simply have to apply it daily on your nails.



This is an article that I was asked to for. Some of you dream of spacing their shampoos therefore they adopt the No Poo Do routine The trick is is very useful especially when you are in your hair transition, but it can even be useful in your life of every day especially if you have bangs or if you have not found the time to wash your hair . You have obviously already heard about the dry shampoo? It can be found in supermarkets and more generally in the form of spray.
If you start doubting of all your hair products> you are on the right way, hehe! Indeed, if you take a look at the back of your bottle, you can see the INCI list; you can read great things like "isobutane" (commonly used as a refrigerant), the "propane" (derived from petroleum products ), butane, the alcohol 40-B (especially used in household cleaners) ... Anyway! full of good things that makes you hungy! So if you still want to use your dry shampoo without the feeling of being a CitroŽn I offer you some natural methods perfect for people you are on budget !
You can use talc, cornstarch, white clay powder or even baking soda as a dry shampoo. You can make mixtures if you prefer. Pour the powder into a salt shaker or apply it with a kabuki brush, it's up to you! For Brown-haired : add to it some cocoa tablespoons to darken the powder ... These powders will absorb sebum, and once on your scalp, leave it on 5/10 minutes, then tilt your head down to brush / remove residues. > Your hair are now voluminouss and clean anew.